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"Wonderfully talented.  A great sound."
-Frankie Avalon
"A surpassed-my-expectations talent..."  "An Elton John voice which can belt it out at Broadway volume."  "A real party."
-Coeur D'Alene Press

"Melodic comedian...Charming..."
-Coeur D'Alene Press

"He doesn't just take requests; he anticipates them."
-Coeur D'Alene Press
"Ron Pass, entertainer extraordinaire, will dazzle you with his amazing vocals."
-Seattle Magazine
"[The piano bar] was packed tight after dinner with passengers who were singing along with entertainer Ron Pass and seemed to be having a wonderful time."
-Miami Herald

"On Carnival Liberty, the piano man goes by the name of Ron Pass, boy, is he impressive.... He plays all the old favorites from Neil Diamond to Elvis to the Beatles. Everyone stamps their feet and sings along."
-Melbourne Herald Sun

"After is action of the vocal kind that seems to excite the crowds. Ron, the smiling piano man and host of the Liberty piano bar, has become the favorite of the night-time fun-seekers who fight for prime position for a pew at Ron's oversized piano, night after night."
-Melbourne Herald Sun
"From Judy Garland to Johnny Cash, this versatile, charismatic and theatrical entertainer delivers. Mr. Pass is a drink of cool water in a desert of mediocre piano entertainers. Keep an eye on this guy."
-San Francisco Weekly

"If you spend your first night in the Irish Sea Bar, you may find, as we did, that it's difficult not to return each evening.... Having been in at least a half dozen of Carnival's sing-along bars and in another half dozen on other cruise lines, it's easy to say this is the best one, made so by pianist/vocalist Ron Pass. [Ron] moves easily between ballads and up-tempo songs, between Beatle tunes and Billy Joel songs, requested by the guests. More importantly, he puts the same high energy and effort into the night's third rendition of "Piano Man," "Margaritaville" and "Rockytop" that he put into the first one."
-Ann Arbor News, Bay City Times, Flint Journal, Grand Rapids Press, Jackson Citizen Patriot, Kalamazoo Gazette, Muskegon Chronicle, Saginaw News
"Ron is far more than a piano player...far more than a singer. He is an entertainer." "One of the best, if not THE best piano bar entertainer on the seven seas."
-Searching for Kokomo: Diary of a Madd Cruiser, by Bob Dennard. (Naked Fanny Publishing, 2012)

"For a toast and a tune, look no further than the lively atmosphere of Carnival Breeze's Piano Bar. Grab a drink and a close-up seat for a up-close view, and watch as the master pianist [Ron Pass] tickles the ivories, producing sounds to delight even the most discerning of ears."
"Ron is our premier piano bar player." "He rocks. The end."
-John Heald, Senior Cruise Director and Brand Ambassador, Carnival Cruise Lines


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