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IT'S HERE! At long last my third album release, "Lovers, Dreamers & Me" is ready! Unlike my "Live" album (2008) with its raw, audience-driven presentation, this collection of warm, intimate ballads offers songs about love, loss, and life, showcasing hits from artists like Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, John Lennon, and even an original from yours truly. I hope you enjoy it!​


From CD In this new release, the singer and piano man finds an intimacy not found in previous albums. The simplicity of the piano and voice studio recordings allows the message of the lyrics and the beauty of the melodies to shine through, while displaying Ron's characteristic sensitivity and vulnerability. One exception is the last track, "The Journey", a song written for Filipino singing sensation Lea Salonga, of Broadway and Disney fame. In this selection - one Ron personally loves and relates to - he chooses a full backing track accompaniment, underscoring the meaningful message of the song and allowing the album to finish on a grander musical scale.


The album begins with Neil Diamond's "Hello Again," a fitting opener, since Ron's last release was a lengthy eleven years ago. From there his song selections take the listener through a journey of love, loss, and life, showcasing hit songs from artists like Bob Dylan, Allison Krause, John Lennon, and Billy Joel. A surprise addition is an original, "Letting Go", penned by Ron himself when he was a mere 18 years old.


In stark contrast to the Ron Pass Live album (2008) with its raw, candid, audience-driven presentation, this collection of warm, rich ballads will charm and delight, setting an introspective mood for the solo listener, or a romantic evening together with the one you love.

Album - "Lovers, Dreamers & Me" - CD

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